Install ArchLinux on pogoplug HD

2013-5-29 Ray DIY and Geek


  1. With the device on and online, register and enable SSH through
  2. Power down the original, unmodified Pogoplug.
  3. Unplug all disk drives.
  4. With only the drive you intend to install Arch Linux ARM to plugged in (all data will be erased), switch on the power.
  5. Log in to Pogoplug over SSH using the IP address of the Pogoplug (from your router's DHCP table), with "root" as the username and the password you set up on
  6. Stop the Pogoplug software, so it do...


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tomato dualwan wan重启命令

2013-5-5 Ray Router

service wan restart        (全部wan口重启)

service wan1link restart   (wan1口重启)
service wan2link restart   (wan2口重启)

因为到目前为止(版本:263),如果wan1 wan2 为DHCP方式,按释放按钮,无法释放IP. 按更新,也无法更新IP,用这个端口重启命令可以重启端口更新IP. 


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